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Living Abroad in Costa Rica
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Relocation Do’s and Don’t’s


    1) DO….Learn some Spanish
    2) DO…Give yourself some time and space to take it all in before making any final decisions—moving to Costa Rica shouldn’t be just one more thing to check off your “to do” list.
    3) DO…Rent before you buy.
    4) DO…Try out different parts of the country to see what environment best suit you.
    5) DO…Your homework—read about the country, learn real estate and immigration laws. Make contact with people who live there. Start reading Costa Rican newspapers, like the Spanish-language La Nacion and the Tico Times (in English).


    6) DON’T…Buy the first piece of property you see.
    7) DON’T…Leave your common sense at home—if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
    8) DON’T…Think that moving to a new country will solve all your problems—wherever you go, there you are.
    9) DON’T…Forget to check and see if your current health insurance will be good in Costa Rica—if not, consider a switch.
    10) DON’T…Worry. Sure it’s good to be cautious. But in the end you just have to take the leap. Buena suerte!

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