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Living Abroad in Costa Rica
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Royce Slape

Royce Slape: An Arts Colony Drew Him Here

Where and what Royce was BCR (Before Costa Rica)
Royce was a writer and health care worker living in Portland, Oregon.

How Royce came to be in Costa Rica and what he's doing now
In the early 1990s Royce saw an article in Poets & Writers magazine about The Julia and David White Arts Colony in Cuidad Colón. The colony, founded by Bill White, is the only arts retreat of its kind in Costa Rica.

“I’d been wanting to simplify my life,” says Royce. “Make time to finish my first book of poetry. I emailed Bill, and we corresponded for a few months before the idea of me working here came up. I submitted creative writing as well as my resume because Bill wanted whoever worked here to be not just an administrator but a working artist as well.”

Royce moved to Costa Rica in 2002 and became Bill’s assistant; when Bill died in 2005, Royce took over at the helm of the colony. In December 2007 Royce left the colony, "turning the page" to the next chapter in his life here.

"I am not 100% sure what my immediate future holds," Royce said, "but I will stay in Costa Rica as I now have permanant residency. My plan is to continue working with artists, in one capacity or another, probably organizing workshops and other art related events."



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